Grady County, Oklahoma

From Oklahoma

Love the idea of a blog home page! My biggest cnroecn right now, at least in my industry of wedding/portrait photography, is that I have way, way too many random pages that customers must fish around for. I have my website. I have my blog. I have my facebook page. I have twitter. I have my online hosting at Pictage. I have my shopping site for DVDs etc. Not to even mention my own computer where I have to login into mail to view and respond to e-mails.It's confusing for me, so I can't imagine how hard it must be for potential and existing clients to piece it all together in a way that helps them find out more about what I do and buy things! I want my own cloud. I want EVERYTHING to be on one site. I mean everything. E-mail, pricing brochures, videos of me bouncing around, all my products, my latest shoots and thoughts, images for my clients lock, stock and barrel. (what does that mean anyway..sounds like an old Irish proverb or something?)That is my dream it's a big one. I know I'm not alone though.

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