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From Oklahoma

To Administrator, I agree that the Huskers should win the upcinomg game vs WF handily based on the talent on both sides of the ball. I also agree that several of us (myself, BigRedFred, Mike D, etc.) looked at this Week 2 game as pivotal, for several reasons other than the talent levels of the respective teams. First, Wake is the defending ACC Champ. Second, it is their home opener. Third, with the USC looming next week in Lincoln, I think that some of us were wary of a let down or the look past syndrome against the Deacons. But the superiority in the Huskers' talent may render those concerns a non-factor. I'm not a betting man, but I checked thje USA Today and Nebraska is only a 7.5 point favorite against WF. If anyone wants to charter a bus or plane to Las Vegas with the deeds to our collective houses and all our cash accounts, save me a seat!

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